How to choose a wine to give away



The wine It is one of the best gifts. For both dinners and for make a good gift, the wine bottles are very well considered and have a high value. However, there are many types of wine, each suitable for a situation. Before giving a bottle of wine, think about the person who will receive it, only then will you get the gift right. we teach you how to choose a wine to give away ideal and delicious.

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First, think about the profile of the person who will receive the wine. You must take into account both their age, their gender, their personality, their tastes and even the relationship you maintain. Only then can you choose to choose the best wine to give.


Choose the store. Although it seems unimportant, you should select a good place to buy your wine. Try to go to a specialized storeOnly then will you guarantee the optimal storage conditions and their quality. In addition, you will have more variety of bottles to choose from as well as a wide range of prices. Search for quality.

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Ask an expert in the field. Although in the labels of the bottles you have all the necessary information - from the origin to the year of harvest, the pairing or the denomination of origin - it is always better to be advised. If you prefer to select it yourself, keep in mind the following tips:

  • The harvest year influences the quality of the wine directly. Younger crops are less acidic, especially in white and rosé wines.
  • The color of the wine indicates its condition and quality. If red wine looks very brown, it may be rusty. If white has a golden or brown color, it is also rusty.
  • Do not forget to always check the label information when choosing a wine to give away.
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Higher price more quality? Not necessarily. There are many little-known wines from new wineries or less popular denominations that can be less expensive and extraordinary. Try new things! Find out about its characteristics and look for new wines, although its price is lower. Sure you will get a pleasant surprise.


As for the characteristics of the recipient of your gift, take note.

  • If the person usually drinks black coffee, alone and strong, try giving him a It came more intense.
  • If, on the other hand, drink a soft coffee, with milk and sugar, you will succeed with a sparkling or sweet wineand. Also opt for these types of wine if the person usually drinks sweet cocktails such as pina colada or mojito.
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It is also important to take into account the character of the person to whom you are going to give the wine:

  • If you are a man of strong character, opt for a highly rated wine. If you are a woman, try white wines.
  • If you are rather a detached or disorganized man, choose dry or delicate wines. For her, a sweet or fruity wine.
  • In case you do not know the tastes of the person, opt for a soft wine, without much intensity, rosé or red.

Choose a good wine and enjoy that moment in the company of yours.

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  • Do not give a bottle of wine to a person who does not know whether or not to drink. Keep in mind that there may be cases of culture, religion or illness that cannot be taken. Make sure before choosing this gift.
  • If you have been invited to a lunch or dinner, try to know what it will taste. In this way you can succeed with the pairing.