How to make shrimp croquettes


The croquettes They taste delicious, they are crispy and we can also taste them stuffed with other ingredients, be it chicken and ham, cheese, tuna and even prawns. In addition to being appetizing, they are simple to make and an excellent option to provide it as a snack or as a first course for the little ones in the house. In the following article we suggest adding the exquisite taste of prawns to your croquettes, do you want to try them? If so, do not miss the step by step of this envelope recipe how to make shrimp croquettes

45 minutes Medium difficulty Ingredients:
  • 8 peeled prawns
  • milk (half a liter)
  • a spoonful of butter
  • some flour
  • egg
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • nut nut
  • breadcrumbs to batter
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For do Shrimp croquettes It is essential to have a rich dough based on béchamel. To make the béchamel, we take a pan and put the butter to melt, taking care that the butter does not burn or stick to the bottom of the pan.


When the butter is well melted, we lower the heat a little and gradually add the flour. You should not neglect this step because if not, the flour will stick. It is better that you are attentive and that you go around the flour with the help of a wooden spoon. Once the flour takes on the burnt flavor, you can no longer recover it.


When the flour has acquired a small brown color, the next step to make shrimp croquettes is add milk. As in the previous step, we slowly add the milk until the dough has the consistency we want. Do not leave it too thick or too liquid. Now is the time to add salt and pepper to everyone's taste. Let the bechamel cook for a few minutes over low heat.


In another pan, add a little oil and lightly brown the prawns that we have previously washed and peeled. Do not let them get too cold, just give them a golden touch so they are not raw. If you wish, you can also add a few pieces of onion to include in the mixture, but this is to everyone's taste.


Once we have cooked the prawns and the onion a little, we add these two ingredients to the béchamel and turn for about 3 minutes over very low heat. When the mixture of ingredients and bechamel is well done, we pour the mixture on a tray and let it cool in the fridge for 3 hours.


For make shrimp croquettes, we take a plate and beat an egg. On another plate, we place breadcrumbs. The process is as follows: we take a small dough and shape it with our hands, pass the croquette through the beaten egg, then through the breadcrumbs and place on another clean tray.


To finish, you must take a pan and pour oil generously. When it is very hot, then we slowly deposit the croquettes until they are well browned on both sides and voila! You have your shrimp croquettes ready.

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