How to prevent fish from sticking to the grill


Grilled fish is one of the most delicious dishes that can be enjoyed at home and although it is really simple, it always creates problems when carrying it out and the main one is that it sticks to the grill. It burns, crumbles, the fish fillet disappears and happens every time we are going to do it.

In we know that you've been through this before, but it's over, because today we bring you a few tricks to learn how to prevent fish from sticking to the grill and you can prepare delicious meals at home.

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How to make grilled fish and not stick it

Many people wonder why the fish sticks in the pan or on the iron when, in reality, they feel they are doing well. This is due to various factors. Therefore, it is indispensable take into account the following To prevent the fish from sticking on the plate:

  • Choose a good iron or pan
  • Heats the iron very well
  • Add salt or flour
  • Do not use too much oil
  • Dry the fish very well

Next, we will explain in detail each of these sections.

Choose a good iron or pan

Many times, the main reason why the fish sticks in the pan is because it is not in good condition, or because its characteristics are not the best for this type of dishes. Because it is the main tool to make grilled fish, it is necessary to choose and keep our pans in perfect condition.

When buying them, keep in mind that they are with nonstick surface or in its ceramic defect, since they considerably reduce the probability that the fish or the rest of the food sticks on its surface.

From time to time, check the plates or pans you have at home to analyze their condition, remember that these kitchen items tend to lose their capacity with use and the bad care that we usually give at home and, as we already told you, it is essential to use a good iron to obtain an exquisite fish.

Heats the iron very well

Although it may seem to cause the opposite effect, it is not so. The hot iron helps the fish piece absorb much less oil and seal almost immediately, resulting in a well cooked and firm piece with which to handle.

Make sure very well that the pan or the surface where you cook the fish has a good temperature before placing the fillet on top. Similarly, make sure there are no traces of burned or failing oil, excess oil or fat which can be introduced into the fish and moisten it excessively.

Add salt or flour

Yes, both tricks are excellent to prevent the fish from sticking to the grill and, in turn, with them we add a unique and delicious touch to our plate.

The salt

In the case of salt, it works by applying a generous, but not excessive, amount of coarse salt at the bottom of the pan while it is hot; this generates a kind of protective film between the hot iron and the fish meat, preventing it from burning and, consequently, sticking to the bottom.

The flour

The flour takes care of reduce oil absorption of the fish, in addition to adding a crispy touch to the piece of fish. All you have to do is dry the fish very well and pass it by flour, shaking off the excess before. Although it is not necessary to use ground egg or bread, you can flour it first, then pass it by beaten egg and again to the flour or breadcrumbs to make it crispy.

Do not use too much oil

Remember that we told you earlier that one of the main causes for which the fish was stuck was because it absorbed too much oil; This is why it is important not to use too much oil or butter on the iron before cooking.

The most recommended by chefs is pour a couple of drops on the surface and, with the help of a brush or failing that, kitchen paper, expand them throughout the iron until it seems even that there is no oil and then place the piece of fish. Later, if necessary, you can add a little more.

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Dry the fish very well

As we have already explained, moisture is the enemy of the fish when grilling, so it is essential to dry it very well before placing it in the pan.

On many occasions the fish is frozen, if this is the case it is necessary defrost it completely before cooking and, just before placing it on the fire, absorb the excess liquid with the help of a kitchen napkin, preferably. This other article on How to thaw fish may help you.

In the case of fresh fish, the situation is less cumbersome, however, the same procedure must be followed. dry the piece before it touches the fire, and it can be the same way: with a tea towel or a napkin.

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  • To maintain the life of the pan, avoid using metal utensils on its surface.
  • Do not scrub the bottom of the pan or iron when washing.
  • Avoid stacking them as much as possible, as this scratches the nonstick surface.