How to make a mixed sandwich


Are you looking for a satndwich simple while delicious? The mixed is your best option! And this simple sandwich is prepared very quickly and without any complications, but its flavor is delicious. Ideal for breakfast, snack or any other time of day, and in addition to bread, you will only need cheese and cooked ham. Be sure to read this article to know how to make a mixed sandwich quickly.

15 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 2 slices of sliced ​​bread per sandwich
  • 2 slices of ham or cooked ham
  • 1 or 2 slices of the cheese you prefer
  • Butter or margarine
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One of the essential characteristics of the mixed sandwich is the fact of preparing with bread. You will need to two slices of bread for each mixed sandwich you are going to prepare, so multiply if you are going to prepare a few.

Likewise, we can opt for the easy version that will be to buy bread in any supermarket or choose to prepare it ourselves at home, which although it is more laborious will always be much tastier. If you dare to do so, you just have to follow this recipe to prepare homemade bread.


Then you will have to place two slices of cooked ham or York on one of the slices of bread. If you have bought a special sandwich sandwich, the measure will probably fit you perfectly, while if the slices are of a large piece, you should fold them so that they do not protrude from the bread.


Next, you must do the same with the cheese and put one or two slices on the ham; if you put two, it is most appropriate to put one on each side of the ham, so that the sausage is in the middle.

As for the variety of cheese, you can choose the one you like best, although the most recommended are soft cheeses that melt easily: edam, cheddar, havarti, mozzarella, etc.


The next step will be to put the other slice of bread on top of the ham and cheese and spread both sides of the sandwich with a little butter or margarine, so that when roasted it is golden. If you want the result to be a lighter mixed sandwich, you can skip this step.


On the other hand, you will have to plug the sandwich maker and wait for it to warm up a little; In some cases, they have light indicators that indicate when the machine is ready to use. Next, you must put the mixed in the sandwich maker and close the lid so that the top plate is on the slice of bread. You will have to wait a few minutes for the cheese to melt properly and the bread is well toasted.


When removing the bread from the sandwich maker, unplug it and take great care not to burn yourself, because the metal plates acquire high temperatures; Likewise, it is not appropriate to use metal utensils to lift the mixed sandwich to avoid scratching the sandwich maker.

And finally… enjoy your meal!

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