How to make chocolate chip cookies


To elaborate homemade cookies It is an entertaining way to prepare rich snacks and breakfasts, in addition they will be healthier than those of purchase by the fact of not containing preservatives. One of the most widespread types of cookies in the world are the cookies, the crispy American cookies with chocolate chips, which delight the elderly but especially the little ones. If you also want to learn how to do them at home, in we explain the steps to follow about How to make cookies with chocolate chips.

Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 125 g melted butter
  • 50 g brown sugar
  • 50 g white sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 150 g biscuit flour
  • 150 g of chocolate chips
  • a pinch of salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
You will need to:
  • Bowl
  • Rods
  • Spoons
  • Vegetable or baking paper
  • Weighing machine
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The first thing you should do to make your cookies homemade It will weigh the sugar -50 grams of brown and 50 white- and melt the butter, for example in the microwave.


Then you must combine both ingredients in a bowl and beat them with some rods, trying to achieve a homogeneous mixture without lumps.


Once you have mixed the sugar and butter well, you should add an egg to the bowl to prepare the dough of your cookies. Keep beating so that the egg is integrated into the mixture.

If you wish, you can add a teaspoon of vanilla essence to flavor them, but it will be optional.


On the other hand, you must put together the dry ingredients: 150 grams of sifted biscuit flour - if you do not have it, you can also use all-purpose flour - with half a teaspoon of baking soda and a pinch of salt.


Then bind the mixture of dry ingredients with the liquids; you must gradually add the flour mixture and mix, so that there are no lumps in the dough of homemade cookies.


Now comes the turn of add the chocolate chips, but we recommend that you first pass them through a little flour - as if you were batting them - to avoid them being at the bottom of the bowl.


In this way, you must mix the chocolate chips with the cookie dough so that they are well distributed, but try to do it gently.


Preheat the oven to 180º and place vegetable or baking paper on the tray, and then help yourself with two dessert spoons to pour the cookie dough with chocolate chips. It will not be necessary for them to have a round shape, since they will crush themselves, and it will be very important that you leave a good separation between them, so that they do not come together. Most likely, you will have to make two batches of baking for the prepared dough.


As you will see, soon after putting the tray in the oven, these will be extended and they will acquire the form of the known cookies cookies.If you haven't left enough space between one cookie or another, you may join and get a giant cookie.


Once the chocolate chip cookies start to brown -approximately 10 minutes approximately- you can take them out of the oven. You should check that they are not raw, but do not worry if they appear to be soft, because then they will harden.


Remove the tray cookies with the help of a spatula and let them cool on a rack or any other flat heat resistant surface.


A trick! Can add melted or powdered chocolate to the dough of the homemade cookies (in step 6, when you add the chocolate chips) and you will get some delicious chocolate chip cookies with chocolate chips.

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